URI is committed to business practices, operations, and projects that improve economic, environmental, and societal outcomes. Our comprehensive skills and expertise are a valued resource to clients around the world in support of their sustainability objectives.

Internally, URI sustainable practices are being exercised to assist in minimizing the company’s environmental footprint, increase efficiency, and enrich the work experience of our employees.

The key components of URI integrated approach to sustainability include the:


  • Marketplace- This is where we integrate sustainable solutions into our project work
  • Environment- Where reducing the environmental impacts of our internal business operations
  • Workplace- Where we improve the safety, well-being, and satisfaction of our employees and partners
  • Community- Where we strengthen and enhance the communities where we work


Our sustainable process enables UR IMAGINATION to:


  • Design energy and resource efficient facilities
  • Develop alternative and renewable energy sources
  • Help clients minimize the environmental  impact of their operations
  • Improve water storage, conveyance and treatment systems
  • Clean up hazardous waste and restore ecosystems
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of our own operations
  • Contribute to the health and prosperity of communities around the globe