Keyboard shortcuts to use in feedly

Sometimes it’s easier to navigate through stories just using buttons on your keyboard, so you aren’t constantly clicking in and out of stories and categories. We’ve enabled some keyboard shortcuts to make it easier and faster for you to navigate your feedly, save, and share stories. To find a list of keyboard shortcuts, type “?”.

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Seven ways to share stories from feedly

feedly has gone beyond just a place to find and organize the content you read. With feedly, you can easily share stories to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and hundreds of other services using IFTTT. Sharing stories shows others what you’re reading and helps keep your friends and teammates up-to-date on content you think is important.

Pro tip: All of your sharing options will appear in the article toolbar or in the overflow menu at the top of each article. To customize which sharing services appear in the article toolbar, click on Preferences in the left-hand navigation menu and go to Favorite Sharing Tools. Here, you can select the nine sharing and saving tools you use the most.

01. Interact with your friends by sharing to your social networks

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Sharing to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter helps you better interact with your following and establish your presence on these networks. You an share stories that you read in feedly to your favorite social networks without having to even open a new page. Simply click on the Facebook or Twitter icon in the article toolbar, or find them under the three vertical dots. A pop-up will show your post, all you have to do is click Share.

02. Grow your professional network by easily posting to LinkedIn from feedly

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 5.34.31 PM

Sharing stories to LinkedIn is a proven way to improve your visibility on the number one professional social network and the third-fastest-growing social network. Sharing through LinkedIn has proven to be more effective than sharing through any other social network. Feedly has provided a way of easily sharing stories to LinkedIn with just a few clicks.

To share to LinkedIn, click the three vertical dots at the top right corner of the article then click on LinkedIn in the drop-down menu. A pop-up will show up with a post that’s ready to go. Feel free to add a caption or change the preview image, then share it with all of your LinkedIn connections.

03. Send relevant stories you read through Gmail

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 3.58.17 PM

If you want to share a story that you read in feedly with one of your friends or teammates directly you can do so by sending it to them in an email. Sending a story through an email in feedly is easy because all of the important parts of the story will already be in the body of the email, all you have to do is type a recipient’s name and click Send.

04. Share with Buffer and Hootsuite to schedule posts for a certain time of day

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 12.04.27 PM

It can be useful to schedule certain posts to publish at on a particular day or at a certain time of day when there is more traffic to your social network. When you share links to stories you read in feedly, you want to make sure you’re sharing at the right time. With feedly Pro, you can use Buffer and Hootsuite, social media scheduling tools, to schedule your posts. Both icons appear under the three vertical dots in the article toolbar.

05. Set up IFTTT to automatically share stories that you’ve saved or tagged


Another useful feature of feedly Pro is integrating with IFTTT, a tool that connects the different web services you use and automates their processes. Some of the social networks you use may not be integrated with feedly yet. You can share stories to these social networks easily with IFTTT. If you add a specific tag to a story you want to share, IFTTT will see that as a trigger to share it on your social network – it’s completely automated. We have a separate tutorial on IFTTT if you want to learn more.

06. Use IFTTT to connect stories with other medium

You can use IFTTT to not only post to your social networks, but to post to other medium, such as Trello, WordPress, Salesforce Chatter, and tumblr.

If you are an avid blogger, and love reposting the content you find on feedly, you can do so automatically through IFTTT by posting automatically to Blogger, Tumblr, and WordPress.

Some of the content you read in feedly is great for business, and sharing stories with your teammates can help inspire your company. You can use IFTTT to share to Salesforce Chatter and Slack when you tag a story as such so that everything happens in the background.

Sending stories to other medium simply for your own productivity and use is also possible through IFTTT. You can send stories to Trello, Yammer, and Google Drive to track your progress or list of to-dos.

07. Integrate services you use with our Custom Sharing tool

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 12.55.54 PM

feedly has has many sharing tools that we’ve integrated in the article toolbar. However,  there are many more that are not yet integrated. We’ve created a Custom Sharing tool, which allows you to share articles directly through networks such as WordPress, bitly and Gmail. Here’s how you can set up Custom Sharing:

  1. Click on Preferences at the bottom of the left hand navigation menu and scroll down until you see Custom Sharing, a feature of feedly Pro.
  2. You should see a table that shows all of the sharing tools that feedly supports, as well as Custom Sharing (this will be at the top of the list)
    1. Pro tip: This is where you can select which sharing services appear in the article toolbar. You can select up to nine of the tools you use most often.
  3. Right above this table is a place to enter a Custom Sharing url. Below is a list of sharing URLs that work. This is the URL that you would use to share to a custom recipient in Gmail:${title}&body=${url}
  4. Replace “” with your recipient’s email.

Once you’ve set up Custom Sharing, all you have to do to share a story is click the Custom Sharing icon, a paper airplane, in the article toolbar. A pop-up window will show the post before it sends. Once you’ve reviewed it you can hit send and keep reading.

Sharing with the Custom Sharing tool is useful because it gives you the ease of sending an already-formatted post with just a few clicks – all you have to do is change the Custom Sharing URL. You can only use one Custom Sharing tool at a time. Here are some popular ones:

Send to Pinboard:${url}&title=${title}

Save as PDF:${url}

Send to${url}&title=${title}

Send to Remember The Milk:${title}-${url}

Send to${url}&s=${title}

Send to Gmail from full composition:${title}&body=${url}

Send to Gmail with custom recipient:${title}&body=${url}

Send to Google Calendar:${title}&details=${url}

Send to Google Translate:${url}

Create a Google Bookmark:${url}&title=${title}

Send to WordPress:${url}&t=${title}&s=${source}&v=2

Send to Tumblr:${url}&t=${title}

Send to Diigo:${url}&title=${title}

Send to Springpad:${url}&name=${title}

Send to Delicious:{title}&tags=News&url={url}

Send to Wallabag:${url}

Send to Known:

Questions? We want to hear your feedback. Email us at

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Join feedly! We are growing our dev team.

Screenshot 2015-08-29 13.55.23

Hi. We are feedly. We are a small team located in San Francisco and Palo Alto. We are passionate about the web, personalization, and connecting people to the content they rely on to think, learn, and keep ahead. We serve million users and teams, connecting them to the subset of the web that matters to them. We love to listen to our users and iterate quickly – it helps us get details right. We are funded by our users and profitable. We are thrilled that our users are our customers – it helps us focus.

We have big ambitions for feedly. We are starting a new set of projects aimed at making feedly smarter, more collaborative, and more ubiquitous. We are looking for passionate front end developers to join our dev team and play key roles in this new chapter.

This is an excellent opportunity join the ground floor of a startup with great traction, revenue, and great customers. If you thrive in an entrepreneurial startup environment and want to be surrounded by experienced people who love their work, you might be a great fit for this position.

Why apply for this job?

  • Work as a key member of a high-performance, lean startup team
  • Stay in the forefront of software development – on both mobile and web
  • Help build a startup from the ground up
  • Contribute to improving the web and keeping it open

During your first year at feedly you will:

  • Think about interesting problems around personalization and collaboration
  • Work with the design team to define new features
  • Architect new UI components
  • Write reusable Javascript/ReactJS libraries, semantic HTML and responsive CSS
  • Define RESTful web services
  • Deploy to prod at least once a week
  • Listen to user feedback and iterate fast
  • Contribute ideas to the feedly roadmap

You should have:

  • Degree in CS or related field
  • Solid Javascript fundamentals (React or Angular are a plus)
  • Experience building a large scale web application
  • Interest in solving hard problems
  • (Plus) Experience working on an open source project
  • (Plus) Experience leading a dev team

You are:

At feedly, we take care of our team. We provide competitive salaries, very generous stock option packages, and a full slate of benefits including health coverage and pre-tax commuter benefits. We also believe in work/life balance – we are in this for the long term. We have a flexible vacation policy, sponsor sports packages, and provide a monthly book allowance to encourage personal growth. Perks include the best equipment available on the market to help you get your job done. We pride ourselves on company get-togethers like our weekly lunches and our monthly Roadmap meetings, which reinforce our culture of collaboration and connectivity. We have offices in Palo Alto and San Francisco to help optimize commute.

Feedly’s core values and culture are built around embracing a growth mindset and being authentic, customer-focused, and collaborative. Joining the ground floor of a growing startup means that you will have control and direct impact on how feedly serves millions of users everyday. You will also get the unique opportunity to grow as feedly grows and reach your full potential.


Please send me an email to and include a link to your GitHub, your LinkedIn profile or your resume.

Referral program

If you are not the right person but know of someone who you think would be a perfect fit, we have a $20K referral program in place to thank you for your help. Just send us an introduction email to the right candidate with a link to their LinkedIn/GitHub profile.


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11 tips to make most of Shared Collections

feedly is not only about getting great content that matters to you, but also about using content to improve collaboration with your teammates or your audience. With Shared Collections, you can show others what you read in feedly.

There are so many ways to use Shared Collections. Sharing collections with your teammates allows you to stay aligned on the same news and information. Sharing a collection with your clients will build your brand by showing them the type of content you use to feed your mind. Sharing collections with your community and following will provides a platform for you to present your intellectual self and great sources for others to read in feedly. Sharing is caring, and we want to make it easier to share what you read in feedly

To maximize your use of Shared Collections, upgrade to feedly Pro or feedly Team. Anyone can view a Shared Collection, but only users that have upgraded can create one. Here are 10 tips for creating and sharing your Shared Collections.

01. Pick your personalized URL

With the Shared Collections feature in feedly Pro, you can personalize your feedly even more. It is not only an opportunity to show what you read, but to express who you are or what your organization is, using a Shared Collection page just for you.

Adding a profile photo, biography, and link to your personal website are a few ways to customoize the page for you or your brand. Here’s how you can brand your very own Shared Collections page:

  1. Choose your name and personal URL. Choosing the right alias is important when it comes to sharing collections.You want to choose something that people will remember so it is easy for readers to find your feedly profile. We suggest something that matches your Twitter or LinkedIn aliases. Note: You can only change your alias once so make sure you like the one you’ve selected!
  2. Add a profile image. Choose your favorite close-up, so that people who explore your collections can recognize you or your brand.
  3. Add a short biography to give people a sense of who you are. This is one short line to describe you, your page, or your company in a few words. You can add in your work experience and explain your passions as well, however, there is a 45 character limit so keep it short.
  4. Add links. Providing links to your website (company or personal), Twitter page, and LinkedIn profile help readers learn more about you and drive traffic to your web presences.

02. Choose the collections you want to share

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 8.05.50 PM

All of your collections default to private, so that you are in control of what people see and cannot see. You can switch just the collections you choose to public so that you don’t have to worry about everyone seeing everything in your feedly. Doing this allows you to create some collections specifically for sharing and others for your own personal growth.

Pro tip: You can add sites to multiple collections to be presented in different Shared Collections.

To turn Shared Collections on and off, you can edit the Collections Privacy. You can find this as a link on the right side of your feedly profile. Unlocked Collections are public and shareable with the open web, whether you are sending it to your teammates, company, friends, or family. Click the lock to change your privacy settings from private to public, or vice versa. You can always come back and change these later.

Pro tip: You don’t need a feedly account to view a Shared Collection – in fact, this is a great starting point to add content and get started with feedly.

03. Make a Shared Collection for your company, agency, or team

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 4.38.09 PM

Shared Collections are useful not only for individuals, but also for companies who want a platform to market themselves or serve their clients with useful resources. For companies with content marketing, it makes it simple for clients, friends, and followers to find all of the content in one place.

Some individuals—especially for small companies or specific teams—find it effective to use their personal profile to build their companies’ Shared Collections. However, you can also create a separate feedly account to create Shared Collections that represent your brand (like MIT and ThoughtWorks). You can fill it with your company’s own content or draw on other resources that you’ve hand-picked.

04. Share your collections with your teammates

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 10.32.46 AM

The best way for your friends to find your collections in feedly is for you to share it with them directly. To do this, click the sharing icon at the top of the collection. You will get a public link that you can send directly to your friends.

Another way to share your Shared Collections is to direct friends to your feedly profile by giving them your alias. This will allow them to see not just one Shared Collection, but all of your Shared Collections within your profile page. Your personal URL will be (the alias is the name you chose during set up). If you’re not sure what your URL is, you can always find it by going to your feedly tray on the left, and clicking on “Shared Collections” at the upper left.

05. Share your collections with your following on social networks

feedly provides four sharing features to share your collections more easily. With two simple clicks, you can share to Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, and Email. Sharing on social networks allows you to give people  a sense of what you read and what your brand is.

06. Customize a cover image to match your company, team, or individual personality

The colors in your cover image reflect the colors that will appear on your feedly page. For instance, if your cover image has a lot of blues and greens, the background colors on your feedly profile will be blue and green. Take the time to choose a cover image that captures your personal brand or corporate identity and makes use of the large canvas. This could be your brand’s logo, or an image related to your brand. Because your cover image determines the colors of your feedly profile, you can use it to set the mood and entice readers into your Shared Collections.

For cover images, feedly accepts JPEGs and png files, however, gifs are not supported yet. We recommend you choose a photo that is around 1720 px x 500 px so that it’ll have good resolution on your page.

07. Create a collection description that demonstrates your domain expertise

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 11.05.04 AM

After you’ve chosen the source of information for your Shared Collection, the collection description is a powerful way to frame the information you’ve curated. For each collection that you make public, you can create a description that captures what your collection is, why you are interested in the topic, your reasons for creating the collection, and why you like to read about it in your feedly.

The default description is “a collection of the best blogs I read in my feedly,” but you can personalize this wording to give more insight on your collection. Changing the description is simple: Just click on the edit button next to the current description and write in your own. You can expand the collection description box so there’s no limit to how long your collection description can be. We suggest keeping it relatively short so people don’t spend too much time reading through it.

08. Promote the best sources to list at the top of each collection

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 2.28.06 PM

In each Shared Collection on your Shared Collections page, up to six sources will show up as cards, then readers can click on “more sites” to see the other sources. These are the first sites a reader will see when he or she looks at your collection. It is important to put the sites that matter the most to you at the top of these collections because it is the first taste a reader will get, and may determine whether they explores your collection further or keeps scrolling. To specify which sources are listed at the top simply promoting them to Must Read.

Pro Tip: We suggest 10-20 sites as a manageable number of sites to include in each collection.

09. Find someone else’s Shared Collections

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 11.18.20 AM

The best way to find someone’s Shared Collection in feedly is to use their personal alias (personal URL), which will take you directly to their Shared Collections page. You can get their alias if they’ve sent it to you directly or if they’ve shared it on a social network.

However, it’s also useful to find professionals that you don’t know as well. To find some of the best Shared Collections, click on Add Content, then scroll until you see Curated Collections. Explore these and refresh the page to see more Shared Collections.



10. Use Shared Collections with your feedly Team account

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 2.02.09 PM

If your company has a feedly Team account you can get Shared Collections to share only with your team. Your Shared Collections are private to your team and only users who use your team login will be able to see your Shared Collection.This is useful for collaborating on content with your teammates in a secure space. The list of your teammates’ Shared Collections will be listed at the top of your discovery page.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 2.07.00 PM

Your teammate’s Shared Collections are also accessible on mobile, from the explore panel. Click on the search icon or swipe left to see them.

11. Get ideas of what other professionals showcase in feedly

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 12.51.07 PMScreen Shot 2015-08-10 at 2.08.39 PM

Even if you’re not interested in making your own Shared Collection, Shared Collections are a great way to get inspired and to see what the experts are reading. . We’ve hand picked a couple of outstanding Shared Collections in feedly to browse as a reader or to help guide you as you create your own. You can find more by clicking Add Content on

Shared Collections is a feature that makes your feedly more personal and interactive. As always, we want your feedback. Let us know what you think about this feature and what other things you wish to know about it.

Questions? We want to hear your feedback. Email us at

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Meet Shared Collections: Now you can choose to share what you read with others

At feedly, we believe at our core that knowledge is power, and thus content is empowering—and even more so when you share it!

So we are excited to introduce today a new feedly Pro feature we call Shared Collections—a new and highly requested tool that lets you choose to share what you read with your teammates, colleagues, and followings.

With Shared Collections, you can take the collections of reading sources you’ve already created—or create a new collection for the purpose of sharing—and make them public on one shared collections page dedicated just for you or your team. This Shared Collection page will showcase all of the blogs, publications, YouTube feeds, and Google News Alerts you want to showcase and make it easy for other people to follow the same sources with just a click. It’ll also allow you to create a personalized URL for your Shared Collections (nab the one you want today!).

Take that Shared Collections page and use it to collaborate with others or to show the world what feeds your mind. You can even customize it to fit your company’s identity or your personal brand.

Screenshot 2015-09-01 08.15.18

Shared Collections is completely opt-in. All of your collections default to private, so you can make use of this feature only if you want to. When you are ready to share, turn on the collections you want public and keep your personal collections private.

Try Shared Collections NowRead Tutorial

See Shared Collections in action.

See how ThoughtWorks, a consulting agency in San Francisco, has been using Shared Collections to collaborate across their organization and to scale their content marketing efforts:

Here are a few ways you can use your Shared Collections:

Help your organization all follow the same publications, blogs, YouTube feeds, and Google Alerts. Empower your workforce to read and share.

Lead your industry by curating and sharing a rich list of must-follow reads. Lead others by showing them the important sources in your industry and move everyone forward together.

Help your teammates and peers find the best publications, blogs, YouTube feeds, and Google Alerts to do their jobs and join the conversation. Keep your teammates informed, moving in the same direction, and inspired with new ideas.

Make it easy to promote your company or agency’s thought leadership by putting all of your employees’ blogs and social media in one easy-to-follow branded page. Provide your customers, clients, social media following, and observers with a one-stop shop to find all of the resources created by your company. Perfect for any company in content marketing or with an employee social media program.

Organize your social media curation efforts by getting your team organized with the same sources. Need to feed the Content Monster? Arm your social media team with lots of publications and blogs to find entertaining posts.

Looking for some inspiration? Go to to browse other people’s Collections. Here are just a few we love:

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 11.33.19 AM
Guy Kawasaki’s Shared Collection page – See how he feeds his social media channels, i.e. “The Content Monster.”

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 11.35.04 AM
MIT’s Shared Collection page – Get all of MIT’s rich—and often free—resources in one place. Easily browse MIT’s feed by department and add their content to get the latest on what one of the world’s best universities is doing at the forefront of science and technology.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 11.36.14 AM
Seth Godin’s Shared Collection page – See what this marketing expert reads about marketing, so you can become an expert, too.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 11.38.36 AM
Annie Cushing’s Shared Collection page –  Annie, who is a data analytics and SEO expert, uses her Shared Collection page to share interesting sites on a daily basis to her friends and colleagues on social media.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 10.54.13 PM
ThoughtWorks’s Shared Collection page – As spotlighted in the video above, ThoughtWorks uses Shared Collections to provide clients resources, to boost internal collaboration and communication, and to stay connected to alumni.

Try Shared Collections NowRead Tutorial

Enjoy the feature! Please try it out and if you make a cool Shared Collection, share it with the feedly community in the comments below and we’ll spotlight our favorites. For more information on making the most of Shared Collections, you can check out the tutorial.

– Team feedly

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5 Ways to Cure Creativity Block

“You have to allow a certain amount of time in which you are doing nothing in order to have things occur to you, to let your mind think.”?— Mortimer Adler

What do you do when you feel blocked? We all have those times when we have an actual case of writers block o…

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Know Boundaries or No Boundaries?

“Honoring your own boundaries is the clearest message to others to honor them, too.”- Gina Greenlee,

A friend of mine is very good at his job. In fact he is a subject matter expert in a very specific area. His work almost always results in new funding for his comp…

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